“Welcome To The Miniverse”

A collection of small beasts from their own miniverses across the solar system and beyond. They come in a variety of different types, including: Furry, Scaly, Rocky, Feathery, Alien, Amoeboid, Hairy, Leathery, Ethereal, and Triffids. Their main habitats are the various moons: Io, Europa, Callisto, Ganymede, Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Japetus, Rhea, Titan, Ceres, Triton, Umbriel, Oberon, Titania, Eris, Haumea, Varuna, Quaoar, and Orcus. Others are rarer and come from further away in the metaverse. Most are benign but some are more of a problem.

Road Map

Milestone 1 – Early Birds (March 2023)

March 2023 Initial release of the first series of NFTs at Opensea.io. This will continue for 6 weeks at fixed prices. The floor price is set to 0.01 ETH. After the initial offering then the collection will be available in open auction. No launch event is planned, but there will be giveaways and opportunities to collect free or cheap freshly minted NFTs throughout the first 18 months of the project.

Each Mini Beast is associated with one of 31 different Moons in the solar system or from farther out in the Universe at later dates. As a general rule, the further away, the rarer they are. They are also of different types. The peaceful ‘Furry’ collection will be the first to be launched along with the fun-loving but possibly malevolent ‘Scaly’ beasts.

A Facebook will be the first social media community to be launched as part of the early bird campaign.

Milestone 2 – Early Voyagers (May 2023)

Launch of further social media outlets including Twitter and Discord servers and general expansion of the community. Giveaways and competitions will be held to further populate the solar system.

Later in the year should see the launch of a number of lines of branded merchandise including T-shirts, caps, and soft toys.

Milestone 3 – Extended Series (2024)

A brand new collection of NFTs will be launched, each one being the hangout of one of the Mini Beasts on their home moons. It is intended that each location will correspond with a virtual location in the multiverse once appropriate real estate has been acquired.

The various locations will be available to NFT owners to expand the Mini Beast virtual world.

Milestone 4 – The Video Series (2024)

Mini beasts will have a starring role in a video series that will be streamed for free on YouTube. It is a kind of ‘South Park’ in Outer Space with a few gremlins thrown in for good luck. The plan is to launch episodes monthly in the first year, and then increasing that to bi-monthly the following year.

Milestone 5 – The Game (2025)

By now the solar system should be beginning to get a little crowded, so there is nothing like expanding outwards across the galaxy or perhaps even thinning out the population a little :). Don’t worry, dying in the miniverse just moves you somewhere else.

If all goes well then game development will start early 2025 on a PC based game that will be launched on Steam. Exact timescales are not known yet, but, probably not available to buy until late 2026.