While you are the guardian (NFT owner) of a Mini Beast then the idea is that you can do almost anything you like with the image and character. You can use their likeness to print mugs or t-shirts, write a graphic novel, or whatever comes to mind. All we ask is that you keep to the ethos of the miniverse, which is all about fun, and do not use these creatures for anything that would not be acceptable to somebody’s twelve year old niece, for example.

The full resolution images are 5632 x 2816px and will be available here shortly.

We are not here to shout about rights and direct the evolving content of the miniverse, in that respect we follow the thoughts of the wonderful J.R.R. Tolkein who wanted to create a kind of English mythology; the idea being to allow worlds and characters to take on their own life and be altered by future story-tellers in any way they sought fit.

So, welcome. Let’s evolve this miniverse of moons and beasts for times when we wish to escape economic gloom and the men who only wish to wage war.

Best of wishes,